My first identity was as an actor.  

It was a long journey to arrive at an understanding of myself as a performing artist.  It doesn't matter what I'm doing - the lens through which I look at the world is that of an artist.  I act, direct, coach and do sound curation and design for theatres in Westchester and Fairfield County.  Along with Carin Zakes Green, I have operated a summer Shakespeare company LawnChair Theatre, since 2006.

As an art form, the theatre is dedicated to furthering our understanding of the human condition.  No matter what the endeavor, my goal is always to increase our capacity for empathy.

Here's my suburban resume.  In Fresh out of college, I performed onstage in NYC and in commercials, but there was a 12 year long hiatus before resuming the craft for the sheer love of it, playing for fun instead of money.

And here's a photo gallery of some roles....