From June 26, 2013

Thoughts on the Supreme Court



I don't know why good news always makes me cry. And I don't know why I should have to thank the Supreme Court for doing the logical thing, as though justice is a rare precious gem we only find every so often. Sadly, our world often feels like that, where justice (especially attributive justice) is routinely denied most people. 

For today, however, I'm not judging my own tears of gratitude and joy. It's a good thing.

To be clear, I don't mind crying about good news; I cry about everything. This is what I mind. 

I live and work in a country where every workday I hear young people pledge allegiance to a symbol of country "with liberty and justice for all," and yet today's news has to be viewed as a victory in the same week as the protection of voting rights and affirmative action are declared unnecessary or unimportant. In America, justice should roll down like water, and instead it comes in occasional timed releases.