Welcome to the blog.

I'm going to start putting things I've written up here, throwing them out into the ether to see if they stick to anyone.   Let's start with this trivial list from facebook.  It was one of those challenges, a few years ago, to list 25 random things about oneself.  Looking back at it, I suppose it still paints a fairly accurate picture of who I am.  

1.    Spicy food is important.

2.    I regret not knowing how to tap-dance.

3.    I sold Peace buttons and medallions in school when I was in 8th grade.

4.    I no longer know how many theatrical productions I’ve been a part of.

5.    If I’m eating carbs, I sneeze at the end of the meal. A lot.

6.    They’ll pry my Macbook from my cold dead hands.

7.    I miss vests and skinny ties.

8.    In the course of my life, I’ve been told I look like John Travolta, Richard Lewis, Vin Diesel and Howie Mandel. Go figure.

9.    I’ve been married for more years than I was single.

10.    Many random items are stuck in the bear-trap of my brain.

11.    If today is like most days, I’m drowning in pieces of paper.

12.    Driving is always fun.

13.    Driving and crying is therapy.

14.    Since college, I’ve had 10 employers (including British Airways, Columbia University, Sloan-Kettering and myself) and 5 different careers.

15.    I’m a very religious person, but I probably don’t believe in your God.

16.    I don’t know why I’m straight.

17.    I always know that I’m a white man with an invisible backpack full of privilege.

18.    At the theatre camps I went to growing up, I was in Marat/Sade and the Open Theatre’s The Serpent at 13; by the time I was 16 I had played Leonardo in Blood Wedding and Bobby in Company.

19.    I went to Yiddish school instead of Hebrew school, but ich hob fargessen mein Yiddish..

20.    Desert island food? Tom Kha Gai.

21.    I learned to tie my shoes when I was in college.

22.    Sometime in the early 90’s, in a parking lot in New Jersey at 1 in the morning, I walked on hot coals.

23.    Clutter is good at managing me.

24.    The week of Nov. 20th holds the anniversaries of the death of both of my parents and our dog Oakley.

25.    If I could only get my hands on a caffeine IV…